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Alice Bookshop

At Alice | Bookshop and Storytelling Academy, you are free to be yourself and transform into someone else. You are free to get carried away by imagination, to learn the rules and discover how to challenge them with enthusiasm.

You can get lost in the rooms of the independent bookshop, and discover new books and authors from micro, small and medium-sized publishing houses.

You can sit in an armchair to read a book or magazine, study [or pretend to] in the lecture hall or put on your headphones to listen to a podcast or audiobook.

At Alice | Bookshop & Storyteller Academy, we organize many events including book presentations, talks, host associations and cultural organizations, as well as create collaborations. Follow our instagram @alice_storyteller and check out our webpage for upcoming events!

Be brave, step out of your comfort zone, and join Alice’s Book or Audio Club!

Workshop & Fun

Do you want to test your skills and meet new people?

At Alice | Bookshop & Storyteller Academy you can have fun and spend your time by joining chess or backgammon courses, drawing, making a collage, or signing up for full immersion courses in fiction, podcast, illustration, or photography.

The workshops are designed to work closely with the teacher on a project for a limited time. A sort of dedicated bubble. This creates a unique opportunity to create relationships with both the teacher and the other students.

There are no age limits! Whether you are 2 or Dumbledore years old.

Each course has its Early Bird, if you sign up by a certain date you will be entitled to a discount.

You can create your own path and if you wish to enroll in more than one course, you will receive an additional 10% discount on each one.

Alisa Martynova

Photography Lights

26 Giugno 2022
Sona Stepanyan

Snap a picture!

5 Luglio 2022
Lucy Plato Clark

Have you say “Strike a Pose?”

2 Luglio 2022
Claudia Bessi

The Illustrator’s Voice

20 Luglio 2022
Podcast and media
David Hartono

Introduction to video mapping

5 Novembre 2022
Rebecca Lena

Narrative Photography

4 Ottobre 2022
Lucy Plato Clark

Photography Workshop

10 Settembre 2022
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